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Private Healing Sessions

As a practitioner of energy healing, (often called mind, body and spirit healing), Pamela has trained extensively in energy medicine and energy psychology modalities and is able to offer a broad range of healing options.

People who haven't received desired results from other methods, or who intuitively know that this is what they need, are drawn to Pamela's practice. Many people work with Pamela in conjunction with their medical care.

Pamela works with each client to determine the best approach and the time they will spend working together. Many people prefer the privacy of face-to-face sessions at Pamela's La Crosse, Wisconsin area (Onalaska) office. Others, who are a great distance away, or too ill, may be able to work with Pamela via the telephone or other distance techniques. Session lengths and costs vary depending on the treatment method.

All sessions are by appointment only. Appointments can by made by telephone: 608-790-6810 or email.


"Conquering my anxiety turned out to be only one of the benefits of working with Pamela. I also gained a better understanding of myself spiritually and physically as well as a better understanding of those around me. I highly recommend anyone considering energy healing to give Pamela a try."
- BP, a client

Initial Sessions

Pamela's first private healing session with a client will vary, depending the client's needs and goals.

Advanced Pulse©, Rolodex©, and Quick Pulse© treatments do not require an initial interview. Advanced Pulse© sessions take about an hour. Rolodex© and Quick Pulse© sessions can be done in 30 minutes if desired.

If an interview/assesment is needed, the initial session could be about two hours, including a focused energy treatment.

Pamela and her client then decide if further treatment is necessary to reach the client's desired outcome. Follow-up sessions may vary between thirty minutes and two hours.

"Working with Pamela, I experienced two outstanding changes in my health. I had physical symptoms that limited my quality of life. Repeated visits to physicians brought no relief. The symptoms disappeared immediately after one session with Pamela."
-A client

Possible Treatments

Pamela may draw from a combination of treatments in a session. Some of the methods (not an inclusive list) she uses are listed below: (Click method for a short description)


Payment is made at each session, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Pamela's rates are $120/hour for private healing sessions.

Fees are payable with cash, check or credit card.

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