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  1. What is Energy Healing?
    We are all made up of energy. We are energy beings. We have a physical body, made of denser energy, and a non-physical part of our being, made of less dense energy. Energy healing refers to the balancing, clearing, repair, and restoration of a person, done from an energy perspective. This can affect the physical body, as well as the mind, and spirit, increasing health and well being. Mind Body Spirit Healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology are all forms of energy healing.

  2. What is Mind Body Spirit Healing?
    Mind Body Spirit Healing acknowledges the interconnectedness of the aspects of a human being. For example, an emotional issue can affect a person’s thought processes. Or, someone might feel symptoms in his physical body, but the root problem might be emotional or ancestral. Treating the mind, body and spirit can heal the root cause of the issue, bringing balance the whole person and reduce or totally clear the physical symptoms.

  3. What is energy medicine?
    According to Mehmet Oz, MD, the field of energy medicine is based on the fundamental premise that physical objects (bodies) and psychological processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes) are expressions of energy. Therefore, all bodies are believed to be infused with a subtle energy or life force. This life force is known in traditional Chinese medicine as qi (pronounced CHEE), in the Judeo-Christian tradition as spirit, and in Ayurvedic medicine it is represented in the doshas. Pamela sees and senses that energy with her eyes, her hands, and her body.

  4. What is energy psychology and how is it different from traditional psychotherapy?
    Energy psychology uses the power of the mind and the body's energy systems to bring beneficial results. It intervenes in the three major energy systems - meridians, chakras and the biofield (the energy field that envelops the body.) It is quicker and can be less painful than traditional psychology. Pamela uses energy psychology methods in clinical treatments, and teaches clients to use some methods for self-healing.

  5. Who would benefit from private healing sessions with Pamela?
    Many clients are intuitively drawn to Pamela's work. Some are referred by other clients. Some continue with traditional medical care in addition to working with Pamela. Others come because they did not achieve the results they'd expected through more conventional methods.Pamela works with people dealing with depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma recovery, narcolepsy, nightmares and other sleep disorders, autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders and fears. Some come with relationship issues or troublesome past problems that recur. Pamela also helps clients with physical issues - cancer, hypertension, diabetes, aches and pains, digestive or urinary problems, asthma, headaches, fatigue, low energy, and more.

  6. What qualifications does Pamela have?
    Pamela's first degree is in education. Her master's degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy. She holds a license in marriage and family therapy. Pamela has also continued her studies in energy medicine/energy psychology with experts in qigong, Quantum Energetic Disciplines, ancestral healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT®), core shamanism, BioGenesis® energy tools, Geotran, McCoy Method, hands on healing, cord clearing, hypnotherapy, and long distance healing, among others. For more details about Pamela's qualifications, click here.

  7. What is Advanced Pulse©?
    Advanced Pulse© is a powerful energy healing technique that can create rapid life changes in a profoundly deeper way than other techniques. Because it activates a broad vibrational range, it can clear energy blockages in problem areas that a client identifies in a short interview.

    This clearing can be focused on physical problems, emotional challenges, old experiences, current stresses, beliefs you have about yourself or your life that are limiting you, or other things than interfere with creating your desired life.

    Clients report experiencing relief from physical issues like headaches, acute and chronic pain, cancer, digestive problems, arthritis, post-surgical or accident recovery, neurological problems and more.

    Relationships issues, depression, grief, anxiety, addictions, fears and phobias, past emotional traumas, body image problems, general life stress and other emotional concerns can also improve with these treatments.

    A session lasts about one hour and clearing can continue for days, weeks, or months.

  8. What is a Rolodex energy clearing?
    Rolodex© clears a wide variety of issues related to a general topic. This powerful energy clearing can be focused on genral topics including: job, a person or relationship, a health issue, emotions such as anger or anxiety, finances, or an experience from the past. The Rolodex© is also valuable when a person doesn't want to talk about the specifics of a situation.

  9. What is Quick Pulse©?
    Quick Pulse© is another powerful and effective energy healing and clearing technique. This clearing can be focused on physical problems, emotional challenges, old experiences, current stresses, beliefs you have about yourself or your life that are limiting you, or other things than interfere with creating your desired life.

    Quick Pulse© is especially good for sensitive issues which clients would rather not discuss out loud. All they need to do is think about the problem while Pamela does the clearing.

    Most sessions are about 30 minutes long and can cover 5-6 items. Clearing begins during the session and can continue for days, weeks, or months, until the clearing is complete. Clients report feeling lighter, freer, and more like themselves again

    * Advanced Pulse© and Quick Pulse© are founded and developed by Jo Dunning, Quantum Energetic Disciplines™.

  10. What is Spring Forest Qigong?
    Pamela uses Qigong, a form of energy medicine from the Chinese tradition, to clear and repair the energy field, bringing the body and spirit to their highest function. Pamela primarily uses Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) methods developed by Master Chunyi Lin. She is the most experienced SFQ practitioner in the area. She teaches workshops on SFQ and has written an article on the topic.

    This energy treatment passes light and color through perfect crystals aligned over seven energy centers of the body, bringing each energy center into the correct vibration for emotional, physical and spiritual health.

    The Crystal Bed is safe and non-invasive. Clients lie fully clothed on a massage table under the crystals. All they need to do is set a healing intention, relax, and let go. The light, crystals, and healing from the Casa do the work. No talking is necessary.

    People around the world have reported physical healing taking place during Crystal Bed sessions, sometimes even miraculous healing of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

    Clients often describe visual and physical experiences as energy moves through problem areas. Common responses are: inner peace; lifting of burdens; a sense of well being; quiet and clear thoughts; feeling energized; and a sense of “knowing” of what they need to do next. Others feel serene and deeply relaxed.

    Pamela recommends this treatment as often as clients feel the need. It might be once a week, once a month for a tune-up, or more often if they are working on an important issue. John of God recommends starting with two sessions a week, reducing them as you feel better and meet your goals. If someone is seriously ill, they may need to come three times a week to start.

  11. What is Ancestral Healing/Family Constellations?
    Sometimes clients experience problems that are inherited or generational. Ancestors with troubled spirits can cause problems for the current generation. Compassionate help for the client and others involved can lead to immense relief, inner peace, and changes in physical health. Pamela learned these techniques from the Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger, from in-depth studies in shamanism, from John of God at the Casa de Dom Inácio, and from advanced studies in Spring Forest Qigong, as well as other sources.

  12. What is the Meridian Tapping (EFT®)?
    A powerful form of energy psychology, based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, without needles. Tapping is easy to learn and relieves physical and emotional struggles. It can be done alone or in a group. Pamela uses meridian tapping clinically in sessions, teaches it to clients for self-healing, and offers Meridian Tapping (EFT®) workshops. Click here to read her article on Meridian Tapping.

  13. What is Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnotherapy can bring relief when something conscious or unconscious affects a client in negative ways. Pamela trained intensively in hypnotherapy and is a master practitioner. The client is in a conscious state during the healing process. Pamela integrates hypnotherapy with other modalities when it will provide greater benefits for her client.

  14. What is Core Shamanism?
    Shamanism is the oldest known form of energy medicine. Core Shamanism consists of techniques/interventions that are found in many cultures on all continents.

    Some of the most common shamanic treatments are:

    • Soul Retrieval – The restoration of life force that was lost during a physical or emotional trauma – like an accident, surgery, war, abuse, or sudden loss.
    • Ancestral Healing – Clearing troubled spirits of ancestors that are affecting current generations.
    • Extraction – Techniques that clear blockages and burdens from a person's energy field, an object, home, or landform restoring peace and harmony.

    Because Pamela studied with many experts since 1995, she utilizes these and many other shamanic treatments in her practice.

  15. What are BioGenesis® Energy Tools?
    These energy tools are used to repair physical, emotional, and spiritual problems and improve health.

  16. What is Geotran?
    Geotran comes from the field of physics. As a practitioner, Pamela uses Geotran to bring change to the human energy system.

  17. What is the McCoy Method?
    This energy medicine treatment can create dramatic shifts in physical and emotional well-being.

  18. What is Hands on Healing?
    An energy medicine treatment where healing energy is transmitted through the practitioner's hands to the client with the intention of balancing the client's body systems. At times, Pamela works through the bottom of clients’ feet to clear, balance and bring harmony to their physical body and energy systems.

  19. What is Long Distance Healing?
    Treatments can be done when the client is not physically with the practitioner. They can be done by phone, with Skype or independently. Quick Pulse© treatments are exceptionally easy to do over the phone. Pamela is able to treat land, homes, businesses and pets via long distance techniques.

  20. What is Past Life Healing?
    Some people believe humans have many life cycles. Past life healing can positively affect a client’s current life by improving emotional states, fears, addictions, and compulsions, as well as physical issues.

  21. Cord Clearing
    Pamela uses cord clearing with clients who wish to heal relationships that are troubled or put closure to a former relationship. This energy experience can bring closure, peace, and freedom that is beneficial to both parties in the relationship. Cord clearing can also be used to change a client’s relationship to an addictive substance or behavior.

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