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About Pamela Radosen, MS
Practitioner of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

Pamela Radosen is an accomplished practitioner of energy healing who also holds degrees in education and marriage and family therapy. Pamela began her private practice in energy medicine and energy psychology over twenty years ago, and maintained a psychotherapy practice at a major medical center for over 20 years.

In her traditional psychotherapy practice, Pamela saw many people who were helped by conventional treatment. Over time, she noticed that some people wanted help, were engaged in the process, and yet did not achieve the full results they desired.

Pamela became convinced that there were additional ways to help individuals heal. This led her to rigorously pursue studies with internationally known experts in many areas of mind, body and spirit healing.

Pamela helps her clients heal by working with their energy to clear blockages and/or bring in a healthy flow of energy. In energy medicine, health is determined by the overall flow and balance of a person's vital life force energy. Imbalances or blockages in the natural flow of the energy fields in the body cause illness.

Pamela brings the unique breadth and depth of her education and experience to her energy medicine/energy psychology practice in La Crosse, Wisconsin. For more details about Pamela's qualifications, click here.

Pamela sees clients individually for private healing sessions. Her recent studies with Jo Dunning, of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™, resulted in new treatments that move energy quickly and deeply.

She is a dynamic, masterful teacher in large or small groups. Her workshops are positive, practical, and inspired, and excellent continuing education opportunities for therapists and other health care professionals. Click here to see articles she has published.


Pamela's work has helped me tremendously. I often speak to women who have taken 20, 30 or more years to get out of an abusive relationship. The Advanced Pulse and Crystal Bath are very powerful.
-J.A. a client
Pam is a dynamic presenter who is very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend her.
-Therapist, MSW
"Pamela's teaching style made it easy and safe to learn many aspects of energy healing. She helped me change my perceptions of myself and my relationships."
-Client and Workshop Participant
"I was introduced to one aspect of energy healing during a one-day workshop. Pamela Radosen was able to demonstrate the principles of intuition and to encourage the participants to practice with each other. She is a masterful teacher."
-Workshop Participant
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